Thursday, October 2, 2008


it also came equipped with a bell. how i love that option!
ohhhh yes. quite the experience.
syd and me waiting in the standing room line. sitting in the standing line? well anyway, this was three hour before the play even started and people were already waiting. So that ought to tell you something about the nutsos here being all over fantastic Opera. turns out there was actually a semifamosa performing tonight. Woo!
bow. the set was amazing! they did a swell job.

So guess where I am this very moment? I am on the floor of the Vienna State Opera house. Yes, the floor. We are sitting in the standing room line for the opera “Capriccio,” Musik von Richard Strauss. I know! It’s going to be amazing, I already know it. Not only have I never seen one, but I’ve only briefly studied what even characterizes an Opera, so this will be wonderful. The only thing is that it starts in three hours…ha…and we’re already sitting. Classic. Good thing I’ve got that good book, right Kristen?

Yesterday Mirielle and I registered with the city to become legitimate bike renters. For €1 and you can use these bikes free for one hour all the time. We rode around the innenstadt, around the Staatsoper, Rathaus, down to the Naschmarkt, all over first district. It was wonderful! It’s easily the best way to explore the city. After this, we paid sixty euro cents to use the Opera Toilet. All students have to take a one-credit Experiencing Vienna class, and for that we have to literally experience the city. That counted as a cultural activity, so we entered. It was quite useless, but I suppose it’s more for the occurrence than anything else.

Ps, the opera was great. There wasn't a much needed halftime; standing time shows seems even longer than normal, and I would've appreciated some concessions. Unfortunately, there were neither at Capriccio tonight.


Kelli said...

I love that bike! Too funny. You are adorable! Mindi says hi :)

William said...

Nice blog Tonk . Looks like you've got the world at your feet! Have a great time! W