Sunday, April 25, 2010

and i make my return

at long last!

a lengthy explanation is unnecessary. this will suffice:
i've been a little busy.
here's what i've got.

"move" was a beautiful time! i love dancing.
i also love the people i dance, learn, and grow with, as well as the fun times we have after the shows.

i am blessed to have such incredible friends and family to come support me. are you serious? they are the best. it means the world. really.

jesse's dad treated my fam to an overnight stay in park city. we hit the slopes and loved it!

jesse had his legitimate homecoming. he did a great job!

i got to spend a week with these clowns while their parents (and mine) traipsed around the caribbean.
we had a way better time than they did.
no, seriously.

the fam went to dizzyland for bro's last shebang. it. was. AWESOME.

the sibs totally soaked. it's a love/hate relash we have with splash mountain.

our best thing.

we look freakin sick in our wicked awesome ponchos

dumbo was seriously my favorite ride.

"call me ansel adams."

(refer to above comment)

standing on the brink of eternity--
march 4, my endowment day.
oh, blessed day. gratitude knows no bounds.

Called to Serve!
SanD, Brazil, Chile, Chile, Honduras.
here we are at the Manti temple.
un. real.

may 22, 2009. mal and i were in hawaii. she turned 20 years old. she's one in a million and it seemed only appropriate to get some brian tickets IMMEDIATELY. so i did. that was over a year ago...
march 11, 2010. here we are celebrating.
it was the best.
thanks for being born mally, surrrrrre love ya.

he's my hero.

congrats to sister saliby! the baltic mission? you will ROCK IT! love you, jess!

so many congrats to my sassar! sister stratton! staisha croatia! you are UNREAL. i love you!

jess, steve and nate played their gorgeous song for chase in guitars unplugged. they're so great.

(will and kristen even braved the zoobs to come)

we scored some g con tickets... best time!

i fell more and more in love with my roommates

and my bro left on his mish.

we are so dang proud of him. he is such a stellar example to us all.
his wit, sense of humor, enthusiasm, and goodness are missed, but we get to live this experience with him. i'm so grateful for prayer, our knowledge of forever families, and that i have a wonderful brother who is willing to leave the comforts of his home and life for two years to give to the Lord and to some rad Chileans. i love the kid so much.
go bro.

march 24
my sweet ma entitled this photo "MTC Bound."
here we go.


i think that concisely summarizes the happenings of the past whiles of my life for now.
bis sp├Ąter.