Monday, October 20, 2008

10.18.2008 this past week

these stupid pictures downloaded out of order. oh well. this is the armory room of Kreuzenstein. There's a whole room of these spheres. Just imagine Nicholas Cage in there grabbing one as he dashes through...

ha, here's the hardcore band man. "Why oh why?" is all I heard him say

Cute cute Jillian and me in the boat at Seegrote.

3 Musketeers! You know it!

the group
gorgeous camille: our creation
Burg Kreuzenstein
the view from Kreuzenstein

We don’t waste any time around here. Our week since Italy has been comparably full and wonderful! Every day is great here in Vienna, I swear. Gol, I love it.

Monday—at FHE we had pumpkin soup (grandparents, you would’ve diiiiiiiiiiiiied over it! I don’t even love pumpkin anything, but I was wanting seconds and fourths), and crepes—all for €1.50. After our lesson, we divided into groups and ours won the contest of making a clothing item with a garbage bag, rope, and toilet paper. Check it out. A few thing: FHE here is ridiculous. There is a wonderful couple, the Gills—from Salt Lake—who have been called to head this outreach center. We have lessons on Monday and Wednesday; they are generous and always inviting us to participate in fun things. Ps, I told you what we ate for dinner because that was out of the ordinary and sehr billig (cheap!), and I loved it. Yeah?

Wednesday—Kreuzenstein. Woo! We took a train to this rad castle for a tour. It is super close and quite enjoyable. I am sad to say they have all started to feel the same—though they are majestic and incredible. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the opportunity. I’d say the highlight of this place is that Nicholas Cage is coming to film a movie there in a few weeks… totally sweet…mosdef thought of Treebor.

Friday—one of the girls in the group had a friend invite her to play in a little concert. There were four musicians playing folk; it was a friendly competition, and some of us went to support. Emilee was phenomenal, and everyone voted for her. I’m making it sound like it was a huge concert, it was miniature though. 15 people tops, including eight of us supporting Em. But it was rad! There was one boy whose lyrics were juvenile and iffy, and he sang a song about Seoul... “oh Seoul…rolling hills, hookers in the streets… oh Seoul.” Ha. Thought of Colb, though.

Saturday—went to Seegrote (Zay-grow-ta). This is an off the chain underground lake. So sweet! It’s natural mineral water 60 meters underground, and my, it is lovely! You may not care about that, but you will care about this: The Three Musketeers was filmed here. Ha! The one with the actor named…._______... Jack from 24? Anyone, anyone? I remember Kaylynn and I used to watch that movie a lot. Sweet though, huh?

This coming week we’re headed to Prague. I’ll take a wild guess and say it’ll be splendid. Isn’t it always just? Hope all is well in OOtah. Love.


Kristen said...

Of course you won the FHE plastic bag contest! Anyone who shops at Savers like you do knows how to recycle the "unwanted" into Prom wear!

Kelli said...

Every time I read your blog I have a smile from ear to ear the whole time. You are adorable! And I love that you use words like "rad" and "totally sweet" it brings back a lot of memories.

Love garbage bag dress too. When I saw the first picture of the group I thought, "Is that girl seriously wearing a blue garbage sack?!" Too funny.

We miss you in Sunbeams. I'll have to take my laptop to church one of these weeks and show them your blog. They'd love it! And if it makes you feel any better about getting the boot as my teaching partner, we now have the Geddes twins! Yikes! It's a very different class now, but still a blast but with more chair climbing and laying on the floor. But what can you do? It doesn't get much better than sunbeams :)

Love you! Take care!!

P.S. Oh, and it's Keifer Sutherland :) What do I win?

William said...

Tonk- Thanks for the update. After the trash dressing competition , all else will pale in comparison.