Monday, October 13, 2008



caught in action! are you serious? look at this guy. He was doing this from memory by the way, and I was sitting behind him as we waited to go into the Ufizzi museum.
Hello my sweet family,

This week has been filled with many firsts and hopefully no lasts. We were in Italy and boy was it a swell season.

It was amazingly beautiful, and somehow we lucked out with flawless weather when rain had been predicted. We left on Tuesday the seventh on a night train—which was a blast! I didn’t sleep well at all, but it was all about the experience. It felt like the Hogwarts express and I loved it. We arrived in Florence early Wednesday morning and basically did everything you can do there. We had a tour (surprise, right?) where we saw ridiculously beautiful buildings of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We saw famous statues, famous paintings, famous _______ (fill in the blank). We went to the Ufizzi Museum. We ate Gelato. We shopped a bit. We ate more Gelato. There is truly a great deal to do and see; Florence is about 85% tourists for a good reason.

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William said...

Tonk , a lot of eating and a lot of shopping . Just gotta do what you gotta do , right? I hope the Italians are more friendly to tourists than the frenchies?! THX,W