Monday, October 6, 2008


how did this get in here? ha, well klaus is way better than any animal at any zoo on any planet. how is this cute dog? gol i miss him.
what an ACTION shot! woo! yeah! mike, will? yes?
I was thinking this polar bear was so cute and cuddly and then i realized it was ferociously eating some ribs....
the front of Schönbrunn. Gorgeous!

view from side garden.
are you seeing these leaves? this made me think of you guys, grandma and grandpa!

My! Today we spent a large portion of our day at a gorgeous palace that was the Hapsburg’s summer home: Schönbrunn Schloss. I’m sure everyone has been there. But has everyone actually entrenched themselves in all there is to do there? We toured through the beautiful gardens, played in mazes to rival the Triwizard Tournament (I wish), and went to a zoo—the OLDEST zoo in the world. (I somehow find that fictitious.) The gardens were unbelievable; the mazes were silly yet fun; the zoo was ordinary yet so abnormal: on palace grounds? It was gigantic; I would forget that I was just at Schönbrunn at the zoo! Ha. I don’t know why I took pictures of all the animals I am able to observe at any zoo…Here are the most eventful of my photos. It was a good day at Schönbrunn!

Conference weekend. Ah, the best of days. Can’t wait. Hope all is well at home. I hope Kurtis watches and enjoys some of the enlightenment available for him. I wish to close with some James E. I’ve enjoyably come across:

“Come and See.”—The spirit of our Lord’s invitation to the young truth seekers, Andrew and John, is manifest in a similar privilege extended to all. The man who would know Christ must come to Him, to see and hear, to feel and know. Missionaries may carry the good tidings, the message of the gospel, but the response must be an individual one. Are you in doubt as to what that message means today? The come and see for yourself. Would you know where Christ is to be found? Come and see. (Notes: Chapter 11, note 4.)

Padres, quick question, how’s Klaus? I’ve been missing him a whole lot, and, Kristen, I’m ever grateful for the pictures—especially the one of our family Klaus included. Thanks!

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William said...

Tonk , Klaus is starting to get his winter coat. We got our first snow this weekend . We turned on his dog house heater, and it must be working because he' always cuddled up in there when we go out to see him. He seems about the same as ever. Good zoo action shots. THX,W