Monday, October 13, 2008


view from the inside of the dome in Florence.
climbing the stairs to (Mordor) the top of the dome...
SPLENDID VISTA! (i tried to insert a video clip, but it didn't work...sorry sorry)
this glorious church in Sienna that was unfortunately closed. But look at the outside! A trip well worth it just for the facade I'd say!
quite a good picture (I thought) of a street in Sienna. We were there early, as the sun was rising.
Popular town square in Sienna. Lovely.
Different angle. They used to have people stand in the middle of this, and they'd have races around the observers.
Some passing scenery on our way to Florence..... ahhhh Italy!

We were in Florence for a day and a half, and on that second half, a few of us bussed it out to Sienna. Beautiful, no? Has anyone been there? I’m sure. It was gorgeous and quaint and just…Italian. It’s about an hour by bus from Florence, and honestly, the bus ride alone was worth it. Green rolling lovely hills…it’s so Tuscan and lovely. There is this cathedral/church that is absolutely majestic. I’ve seen a lot of famous churches, cathedrals, monasteries…this one was mosdef fantastic, and we didn’t even get to go inside—it was closed. We walked and talked and chillaxed in this sweet town square. Sienna was a great excursion. Once back to Florence, we hiked a famous dome (the stairs were windy and miniature and narrow; this again reminded me of the stairs to Mordor) for an illusory vista. After I picked my jaw off the ground and climbed down, we got some (more) Gelato, walked about, and shopped a bit before training it to Venedig (Venice).

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William said...

Tonk, another town another cathedral and church . It's like they are all in competition to see who has the nicest . Cool pix. THX,W