Tuesday, March 24, 2009

where are they now?

Will the men who invented modge podge and lemon pepper please stand up? Both deserve a lengthy round of applause. 

I have that sinking feeling churning within me, however, leaving the impression that they are not standing right now because they do not realize the far-reaching effects of their actions. Human beings all around the globe are benefitted by these unfathomably incredible inventions. Little did these men know that because of their doings, people would never think, act, nor taste food the same way. 

I do not mean to be semi-anti-feministic in assuming that these brilliant masterminds were not of the double-x chromosomes; it just seems logical that men would stumble upon such great discoveries unknowingly. You know the creator of lemon-pepper was clumsily sautéing in the kitchen, while his dear wife was balancing the checkbook, nursing the baby, and vacuuming--all at once--and he accidently poured lemon rhyne into the pepper shaker. His wife thought it was a good idea, however, and, following many enjoyable meals, convinced him to take his simple yet ingenious findings to McCormick seasonings, who seized the idea, put a red lid on it, and sold it for millions a year. 

Likewise, we can assume that the male who founded modge podge did it after a series of unfortunately fortunate events. He was probably trying to make some sort of a seal after he had accidently nailed a picture into the completely wrong spot of wall in the wrong room. The slosh failed in the capacity of a seal anyway, so it was stored in the garage for a few years, and, after much defibulation, corroded into that fabulous waxy paste we use to decorate unfinished woods, photographs, and any other what's-it-calleds which simply need a bit more shine or zap. (I propose that the "glossy" version was left unattended and undisturbed on that shelf in the garage for a bit longer than the "non-gloss" version. [ I prefer the look of gloss to non-gloss, so I am grateful for those additional years of solitude that jar endured.])

So the question, I reiterate, where are they and do they realize the far-reaching effects of their brilliant findings? 

I say, two and all, many thanks. 

Many thanks for the countless frozen chicken breasts, steamed to a state of golden brown perfection, and simply seasoned with the unparalleled joys of lemon-pepper. 

Many thanks for the hours I have gleefully spent, lost in spreading that modge podge on easy-wrinkling newspaper, while dreaming of new, inventive ways and means whereon to apply it. 

Could it get better?
I say no. 

So I boldly pronounce my thankfulness, for these curious men, who simply sought to do right, and deduced in benefitting mankind as long as the earth should continue in its spinning motion.

Many thanks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it happened.

I did it. I picked it up, and made minute progress; The Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees came through for me, much to my unyieliding surprise:

"What a remarkably deep and hidden capacity is the capacity to believe" (Crandall 2000:132).

Okay, so maybe it wasn't "progress" in an anthropologically correct manner, especially in essentially regurgitating facts of the Himba Imaginary World, but- that quote meant something to me.

What remarkably deep and hidden capacity is the capacity to believe. Pause. Stop, drop, and roll. Consider this.
...It is.
The gift, the ability, to believe is a capacity that can grant us unparalleled peace, hope, and understanding as we make our way through these prophesied and unsightly times.

I, for one, am grateful for the capacity to believe, and for what and where that "remarkably deep and hidden" capacity is piloting me towards.

I fancy, so much, when my seemingly temporal studies carry over into spiritual application.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.375 duly noted

I loved driving to school today, sunglasses on, windows rolled down. I loved laying on that scratchy grass, avoiding that blasted reading--go away Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees! Forevermore, leave me be, condense those chapters and simply describe Himba life in a coherent fashion. The sun was great though.

I did not love walking out of Harmon's--after collecting buttermilk for my rad brother's 18th Breakfast (proper noun) --having a few ruffians address me as "mamasita." about that...

I still loved the sun. 
Tomorrow's rays can't come soon enough; I'll take no jacket tomorrow--today it sat in my rucksack, collecting dust, atop the infamous Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees. yuhh.
Sleep sweet though, love that moon.
Next full one=April 9.


"I feel satisfied, like I had a great conversation with you, where you answered none of my questions, and left it for a few weeks of me wondering how you'd feel about my current life, feelings, and aspirations. Maybe you'd even leave me for a few months if you vacationed in Papua New Guinea.  Ha. Oh the laughs. Anyways, have a nice vacation if you are in New Guinea, and if not, I'll look forward to continuing this conversation in a few weeks when my envelope has traveled through countries into your hands, and yours likewise." 

Monday, March 16, 2009

as of late

You know it’s a good one when it moves you.

Last weekend, Kaylynn, Colb and I went and saw the famed--from Kristen--film, Taken. Despite the borderline excessive violence, upheaval, and unlikely conquering, I walked away deep in hindsight, grateful. Grateful, wholeheartedly, for the chance to have lived in Europe free from any legitimate problems or traumatic experiences. If you have seen the movie, how did you feel about it? I think it is good for us to be aware of the dangers out there, so we can have increased caution—and, likewise, gratitude for our safety. Our group in Wien was blessed with that safety; surely we were watched over, and were able to have a full, whole, perfect experience traveling across the vast European lands. Best time of my life!

Just a few randoms--a piece of some understanding, truth, and enlightenment that has surfaced to educate, inspire, and still me as of late--

“Christians have often disputed as to whether what leads the Christian home is good actions, or Faith in Christ.  I have no right really to speak on such a difficult question, but it does seem to me like asking which blade in a pair of scissors is most necessary.” (C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, 115.)

“Any man may enter the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom when his actions have been such that he can feel at home there.” (James E. Talmage)  

“How much do you pray, my friends?  How often?  How earnestly?  If you have errors in your life, have you really wrestled before the Lord?  Have you yet found your deep forest of solitude?  How much has your soul hungered?  How deeply have your needs impressed your heart? When did you kneel before your Maker in total quiet?  For what did you pray--your own soul? . . .  And when the shadows fell, did you still raise your voice in mighty prayer, or did you satisfy yourself with some hackneyed word or phrase?” (Spencer W. Kimball, Miracle of Forgiveness, 211.)  

ebb and flow

ebb and flow,
and grow--


same old
set back
and grow//

brand new
walk forward
and grow.

and grow.

set back
walk forward

live. be. love.
and grow.

"the journey is the reward." -chinese proverb

Sunday, March 8, 2009

meg's 9th

What a treat!
I was able to take Meg shopping for her 9th birthday last week, and she was so adorable--quite the shopper! She was a thorough looker and stayed within her budget. She ended up with a pair of royal blue converses--so her--and a cute leggin/skirt combo. Great shopping girl! 

way into monopoly (they dominated)

lizzy's also got some photographic skills.. she took this!


grandpa glade :)

grandma judy :)

classy shades!