Monday, October 13, 2008


gelato is good.

I’d like to say a few randoms:

  • When I say “we” very rarely do I mean the whole group. We are so large a number that, as we travel, we seldom participate in anything as a whole. I have been a little surprised to have the option of wandering about in small groups. But everyone is very responsible and we have had no major problems!

  • Yesterday we were all crammed on a bus boat on our way to the bell tower on the unknown island. We were in an intense discussion on the sunny starboard, and didn’t realize it was our stop. When we did, we hurried up and everyone got off, but the gate woman held me back and closed it. I’m not going to lie, Venice confuses me like few other places. All day I’d been with people who just took care of the directional stuff, and here I was with no map and no idea about anything, really. Now please don’t be worried, I promise this doesn’t happen often, and I’m okay, but for a moment I was quite unnerved. But I spoke heavenward and couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarity of my poor luck—of course this happened to me! Ha ha ha. Anyways, it of course worked out, and I was very grateful, it was just a funny story.

  • I’ve decided my downfall is shopping for Will and Kurtis. What on earth do men even like? My brain produces nothing but static as I ponder this topic! Kristen, you’re a difficult decision as well; charms may be a dying art…I’ve asked many and looked abroad with no godsend. I’ll continue the pursuit though. Any ideas on manly gifts?


William said...

Tonk, no worries about finding anything for me. Just enjoy your time over there and be safe. THX,W

Kari Mecham said...

Que guapa eres con chocolate por todas partes! Ay, nina! Todos los hombres italianos vendran corriendo a lamarte la cara. Hay maneras mas faciles para conseguir un beso italiano, no sabes? Hee-hee!
Let's see how much Spanish you remember now!
Have a gelato for me. I lived on that stuff in Spain.