Friday, October 31, 2008

10.28.2008 Belvedere

Prince Eugene would have 1,300 people working on glorious garden at a time. Back then, it was seen as a great achievement to take something natural and control it. This geometric shape demonstrates man's absolute control over nature.

close up!

This is just a taste of Carl Moll. His work is so vivid and lifelike. "Dusk" is just as--if not more--amazing than this.

"The Kiss." This is everyyyyywhere around Vienna. Gustav Klimt is reknown--and this fame is well-deserved!

bahhhh. Monét. Are you seeing this? This style of painting was not initially embraced because of the vagueness in the brushstrokes; you can see the full picture from far away, but close up it's just a big mess. I stood in front of this for minutes, up close, then far away, up close, far away... Brilliant. Astounding. Talent.

This is the Belvedere; close-up is the lower level, Prince Eugene's actual residence; back yonder is the upper level. Both are used for exhibitions today. The walk down from the upper lever to the lower is beautiful in the gardens. A great day!

Today for art class we made our way to the lovely Belvedere. This was Prince Eugene's summer house (city living was dirty, hot, and full of flies during summertime); under his instruction in the military, the Habsburg Dyansty reached as far south as it ever would. The lower level of the Belvedere is flat and representative of a tent--the way those in the military were accustomed to living. The upper level is more diplomatic, it is impressive with many levels and elaborate interior. This building suitable for social events. Nowadays, both levels are one beauuuuutiful museum.

Our professor--Heinz Kröll, a very intellectual and educated man--had us compare three family paintings. We critiqued and analyzed those paintings, which was very interesting, but my favorite part was being freed to roam about. When my eyeballs fell upon "Pathway in Monét's Garden and Giverny" by Claude Monét, things literally went quiet for a moment. Ha, that painting is STUNNING! I was also stirred by Carl Moll's "Dusk." I could not find a copy to put on here, sorry; it is glorious though. The light and shading is breathtaking! Also, "Pond" by Wilhelm Bernatzik-amazing, no copy available. I've never been way into paintings, and I've seen a lot here, but these ones just warmed my heart and lightened my step. Gustav Kimt is the highlight of the Belvedere, his famous "The Kiss" is plastered all over the city. All of his work is inspiring in its uniqueness. These men are so talented. They provided great, (mostly) wholesome entertainment for interested persons. So, who here has seen this stuff?


William said...

Pretty cool pics Tonk . Wait til you get to London to see the boatloads of art. They were into naked people. Elaborate pics of nudies in all positions doing anything the mind can imagine. Hmm.

alayne jane said...

oh my goodness I am so jealous of your adventures in europe! looks like you are having a splendid time my dear.