Tuesday, September 30, 2008


After our trip home, a bit of rest, and a bit of class, here am I reflecting on the beautiful week we just spent traveling. Really, we had a well-rounded vacation! From Hallstatt, to Salzburg, to Dorfgastein, and everything in between, it was priceless! I realize now that I would most likely never do many of those things on my own; I am very grateful the opportunities!

I wanted to include a few things that I skipped over that I realize now you’d like to know, Kristen. I feel like every time I wish to plant imagery in your mind of my experiences I am speechless, so I’ll be concise in these vain efforts to get the point across.

  • Dorfgastein. Wow. What a dream! The town was honestly unbelievable.

  • We stayed at a Pension, which is like a sweet bed and breakfast.

  • Our beds were clouds! How are their comforters so much more amazing than ours?

  • The man who owned Pension Theresia—Fritz—was the sweetest guy ever. He hung out and practiced German with us, showed us around, and played soccer with us.

  • Everyone here is so into soccer. We went to a game and it was pretty sweet! I’ve never been way in to soccer, but it was enjoyable because of the players' apparent passion—plus Fritz has coached some of them for years.

  • My best thing about this place is that there are literally cows grazing on the hills. Not only are the hills greener than the greenest “Green” Crayola, but there are legitimate cows on them. Cows with bells! It doesn’t matter if the hills are at a vertical angle, they are there grazing. I mean, where does that ever even happen?

I forgot to include the Pacher Altar St. Wolfgang. We visited this exquisite church in after Mauthausen—which, Will, was mosdef interesting; concentration camps are heartrending yet fascinating. In the picture is this unreal altar which, as you can see, is quite large. And quite expensive! It is wood coated in seven layers of gold. There is one little figure at the bottom that didn’t make it into the photo that was driven by tank to an exhibit and was ensured for an equivalent of 1.5 MILLION dollars. !

Mom, when you see Kerri Johnston next will you tell her that I thought of her as I read her favorite scripture the other day? Tell her she’s such a great example and I loved being in YW with her. Thanks.

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