Monday, October 27, 2008

10.22-10.25.2008 Prague

on Charles Bridge, a pretty sweet shot if I do say so myself. You can see swick buildings in the background, street vendors, tourists...captures the moment quite accurately.

Again, Charles Bridge. This time the view is the Moldau in stead of the daily vista. Grandma, you would've been so proud--I was one of the only people who knew of Bedřich Smétana. And I'll have you know I literally listened to the Moldau as I meandered across the bridge...

A saucy hat I found at H&M. People would seriously buy this though, whereas tc was kidding.

i just thought these were absolutely lovely. period.

no words really. This is just a booth similar to the ones which guards guard (?) near the front.

One night a group of us sidetracked from Charles Bridge onto a boat dock to chillax. This view is just pretty and it is available to you void of the sheer chill I endured to get it.

This dude was an expelliarmus water crystal glass musician. Many people go to the crowded bridge to play instruments or whatev for a few extra crowns. (Ps, can I say that crowns are not my currency of choice. So confusing!)
Are you seeing this? Look how sweet!

Ah, sunshine in my soul.

This cathedral was enormous and absoultely incredible.

Look at this façade. WOW!

Foggy fog fog fog!

Creepster... I never thought a cemetary like this actually existed. We were told the bodies were stacked in the ground twelve high.

Ha! Illegal photo for you, Will! The minscule design on the wall is actually handwritten names of deceased Jewish souls. It was poignant.

One of the Jewish synagogs we saw.

...and another...

...and another... This one is called the Old New Jewish Synagogue.

Hello hello hello familia!

I have a disgruntling feeling that this post will be poorly written. Ha, the words aren’t super free-flowing today.

Prague was cool! We took a Zug (train) four hours to the Czech Republic; tc was very fortunate no guards searched the train because she forgot her passport. Silly. Ha. We stayed at a hostel called A Plus, for some reason I thought that was the funniest name for a Hostel.. especially in the Czech Republic—A Plus? We had a tour Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the same dude: Vladmir. He was a kooky guy, pretty funny, smoker voice. By combining smoking and speaking Czech you’ll be left with a rough sum to pierce the eardrums. Mosdef not my best thing to hear for hours upon hours three days straight...

Vladmir showed us around the town, told us the history, you name it. The first day was pretty simp and basic. The second day we toured a procession of Jewish Synagogues. They were all interesting, slightly similar though. One stood out in particular though; it had white walls with thousands upon thousands of names written thereon—names of Jewish people who had been killed. Pictures weren’t allowed, but I stole one. It’s not great because I was so nervous to be breaking the rules, but I just had to. For you, Will. Have you been there ever?

My best tour was mosdef the final day. We took the Straβenbahn (streetcar, public transportation) up to the hill to visit the Prague Castle. It was UNBELIEVABLE! The fog was absolutely enshrouding the edifice; only the spires were visible for a time. We toured many parts of divisions of this Catholic Cathedral, and—despite the bitter cold—I had quite an enjoyable time. Even my pictures appear majestic; imagine it amplified times 126 times to envision reality.

When we weren’t touring we were being awesome. I’d say a bit of USA-sickness kicked in; towards the end of the trip a few of us recalled that during the duration of our three days there we had been… a) to TGI Fridays, b) to McDonald’s (for McFlurries only mind you), and c) bowling. Ha. Quite American, but wow, it was all enjoyable.


William said...

Tonk- The poor Jews have been hounded for thousands of years. Too bad they screwed themselves. On- going proof for not ever wanting to get on the Lords bad side. Thanks for the stealth picture. I'd imagine there are lists like the one in your picture spread all over the world. Pretty sad, huh?

mare said...

hey tawwwwn! i hope you dont mind me finding you wherever you go, albeit across the seas. you have marvelous style, an incredible experience, and millllions of people who care for you. your name always comes up with everyone i speak to. keep up the exploring. guttentag and alveeetersayin. ha

Kelli said...

Wow! What an amazing place! I would love to see some of those sites in person. Great photos though, you should consider doing photography. As always, you are freaking adorable, love the hat too (you totally should have bought it!!) And my favorite quote would have to be, "when we weren't touring we were being awesome." You seriously crack me up. What a hoot ;) Love you girl!