Tuesday, October 21, 2008


ahh. the altar.

i included a night-time photo as well because i find it gorgeous.

Today for our art class, we went to Karls Kirche. I have been outside of it numerous times, but never inside. Prior to entering, our professor gave us a detailed summary of its history--which was very interesting. Then we entered, and my. I mean in no way to sound boastful, but I have seen a few churches, monasteries,... and few have impressed me as Karls Kirche did. It is glorious! The entire interior has the appearance of beautiful marble, and though it's not real marble I still find it breathtaking. There is plated gold all over, including around the amazing altar depicting God's all-seeing eye among the sun rays. The frescoes adorning the walls are stunning, there are no words! In those days, 50 was considered elderly, yet the artist responsible for these frescoes was over 70 years old at the time of his creation within. The work is strenuous, time consuming, and just..beyond description. Only a small square of a fresco can be done at a time; plaster must be applied and then painted on--this ensures the absorption of paint, and thus no peeling with the progression of time. It is lasting, timeless. I'm sure all of you have been inside many times. Lovely. We proceeded to climbed up into the lantern for a closer look at the artwork, and also a spectacular view of the city. I wish my description was a bit more legitimate! Just know it was a great time for me or else I wouldn't give it its own posting. Tschüss!


Sam said...

Holy cow, I'm pretty sure you're in Austria. That's insanely sick and good.
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Thanks for the cookies you left in my truck... never got around to thanking you.
sam Abbott

William said...

Tonk- Fact is there are cool churches/ monastaries/ synogogues all over europe. Every time you think you seen the ultimate, something else comes along and the bar is raised higher. Glad you're having fun. THX,W