Sunday, August 26, 2012

(break-up pt. 2)

some of our latest workshops:

we randomly got to teach a taller in English! this was a class of intermediate-advanced English students from a nearby university.
 other than that goodness, we've been livin it up. 

the national theatre at night.

ivan took us to see one of the funniest plays i have everrrrrr seen. huge fan.
every third week there is a baile (a dance) for a bunch of the young single adults. these have seriously been the funnest times ever for laura and me! 
this kid, arnold, is my hero. 
our first day here, we went to a dance and he taught me how to dance. he is prooooooo and i love him for it!
in this video we're having a spinning contest. he totally wins. 
i love how bailando is such an integral part of latino culture. yes please.
do you like almonds? i'm such a fan. these innocent almonds i use for everything from on salads to in licuados...
...that are also used as homes for my buggy friends in the seasoning cabinet.
those are eggs of some sort. we think moths because there were billions in the cupboard.
first time i ever had someone (or something) rob me so rudely of my almonds.

recent adventures?
we caught a bus this past weekend and took ourselves to puntarenas for a second to get a little thing i like to call a churchil...which i will explain at a later time...when you're eating it with me!
just trust in's absolutely FANTASTIC. ye shall partake.
loving our lives.
then we caught a ferrrrry!
we crossed the nicoya gulf on the pacific side of Costa Rica. with the gulf and the ocean, the sky, the green mountains... oh my, it was absolutely gorgeous. luckily for me it was an hour. not luckily for me it was soooooo hot and humid everyone was just dripping sweat. cute.
and we stayed in this tiny little town. it was pretty touristy, but we had fun.
we laid on that beach our first night gazing at the moon, eating some dos pinos (best ice cream ever), loving our lives. then a killer wave got us super wet and almost stole my chacos. almost. whew.
our main attraction in montezuma was to go on a waterfall hike.
you can't really tell, but i'm laughing freaking hard because the waterfall made such a strong current in this little pool that totally steered me whe're it wouldst.
in heaven!
i felt like such a nancy for taking a towel, but people told us to! i seriously thought about abandoning it in the jungle, but my pre-guilty conscience made me decide a head-wrap would be most efficacious. 
laura decided i would be called "jafaruhtonny."
i definitely frightened some passerbys on the trail for sure. ha ha, whoops.
so. most people give up after they hike the little way to the waterfall--where i was swimming in the current-filled waterfall.
these poor souls, however, totally don't realize that there are TWO MORE WATERFALL POOLS up ahead! best! the trail was a little sketchy slash non-existent, and anyone that loves us would probably be quite upset if they saw how we got up here, ha ha, but we did it. and we're alive.

anyways. people jumped in this pool, but i knew my family would disapprove because it looked a little i refrained...
this is the third tier. 
equipped with rope swing. caaaash!

and then we caught a bus and headed to paquera to this awwwwesome secret resort.
look at this amazing view!
definitely swam for three hours straight. best!
then we caught the ferry back to puntarenas and taught a workshop after we visited two local branches to invite the members to the workshop, which i will surely add at a later time when they are available.

not only was our pre-workshop adventure a complete blast, but the taller was one of our bests and favorites. we love what we're doing. period.