Monday, October 13, 2008


glass blowing babe. he was quite skilled.
view from the bell tower in Venice.
We were taking a tour in the main town square and all I can concentrate on is this ridiculously awesome picture of Jaws.. knowing my family loves James Bond and how the new one is coming out soon.. anyways. Sweet pic yeah?

THought of you will! Calamari anyone?
View of Burano from the boat..

Venice was grand. We arrived early Thursday evening, and were there all of Friday and part of Saturday. As previously mentioned, the weather was glorious. Last summer, I wasn’t terribly fond of Venice, but this time was much better because we were able to become acquainted with the islands. Yes, islands. We got bus (boat) passes which took us all over. Within the duration of our visit we went to Murano, Burano, and another one I forgot. Murano is the classic glass blowing island. I saw another glass blowing demonstration—this one being much sweeter, see pictures—and we traipsed about a bit. Burano was frankly an accident. We were trying to go to Murano…but you know they sound somewhat similar…anyway, we got off at this perfect island with brightly colored houses, few tourists, and great souvenirs. This was doubtless the highlight of my days. The final island we visited—the name I cannot remember—had a bell tower we were able to climb for a splendid panorama. It was all encompassing and possibly better than the one in Florence. We saw and did a lot during the duration of our stay in Italy, and then we had a seven hour train ride back to Wien. May I just say that I adore train rides; both time and the scenery fly past with rushing colors as music sweetly serenades from the iPod headphones…


William said...

Tonk, The sight of your "calamari" is almost enough to make me not ever eat calamari again. Almost. THX,W

Kristen said...

I get the purple house!!