Monday, September 15, 2008


Bratislava—“a miniature Prague.” I haven’t yet enough knowledge to compare the two, but Bratislava is a lovely place. I say lovely a lot. Slovakia is just schön (something like nice, only German feels more accurate). We had a guide who showed us all around the city in great detail. There are gorgeous churches and a castle atop a hill, only the castle was under construction and not very satisfying for a history-seeking eyeball. We were exhausted from our long day and a few of us cooled it at a park for a little while before getting lost on our way to the train station for a second.

I’d say the most exciting thing was having our first International Slovakian Dish: Bryndzoné Halušky so Slaninou! This is dumplings with Bryndza (famous Slovak SHEEP cheese) and bacon. The dumplings were potatoes and were okay, the sauce was… again, no English word, only Deutsch—verruckt (weird/crazy). I was so Hungarian, but even my state I could not force myself to eat it all. Good experience though! Plus BYU paid. No regrets.

It was a long day and my cold is getting the best of me; however, venturing to Bratislava was a great time. Only one girl got left at the train station. Ha, only one… Morgen wir haben (tomorrow we have) nothing. Sleep? Love you all. Chao.

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Alison said...

I just realized we legitimately have colds at the same time. Coincidence? Ok, im off the computer... too much. Love.