Monday, September 15, 2008


My. Today has been quite a long, classic day.

I awoke at four—I am getting a cold—and couldn’t get back to sleep for long because the television was blasting. We had classes and information until 2:30, then Meliss and I went for lunch at a Bakery, and began a lengthy, circuitous trip to swim in the Danube. Getting to and from the 23rd district takes forever! Eventually we found our way, missing the group we were supposed to meet just by two hours. I couldn’t believe I was swimming in the Donau though! Kinda chilly, but totally sweet. Then we went to the Supermarkt for sustenance, and were then eager for our abendessen (dinner) of what Frau Alfons calls “Pitzer,” aka Pizza. Classic: our bus didn’t halt at our stop… nor at the next one… nor at the next. We ended in Ost Leising—so far from life! Ha, and the bus schedule is cryptic—we don’t understand it. Eventually we got home, and Frau Alfons said it was too late for the Pitzer. Ahh. So we made pasta on our miniature stove in our miniature bowl, all the while cleaning every plate and utensil. I’ve come to understand a different… mode (?) is lived here. It’s okay for there to be spider webs, crumbs, hairs, ____ all over. I promise my towel, sheets, or laundries aren’t clean, I don’t know how well the washers work! OH oh, there’s no dryer, and Frau hangs things outside to dry. So on our towel to dry our dishes there is everything imaginable. We bought makeshift paper towels today (toilet paper) and are doing our best. But I am in a foreign place; I can’t expect things to be the same! I’m praying for patience and to just embrace the differences.

Morgen we’re going to Bratislava—SO early! We have to be at the station at seib Uhr—7 a.m. Coming from the 23rd district=30 min, plus bus times, walking time, we have to be at the bus station at 558. baah. Loving this though! Hope you guys travel safely, see you next week!

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