Tuesday, September 30, 2008


yep, this restaurant is from 803. legitimately? all i know is i paid 5 euro for a bowl of nascar broth..
view from the castle wall.
look familiar? anyone? "You are 16 going on 17.." except we found it later it's only a replica. boo!

Last summer I made my way to Salzburg; it was lovely and enjoyable. I found the city the exact same way today. Megan McAllister even purchased a local musician’s cd of classic guitar arrangements then, and I saw him today! Ha, I thought to myself… “Self, this song sounds awfully familiar,” I have his album on my iPod. I also found my way back to an open-air market of glory I basked in last year.

Instead of paying the 7 or 10 euro to go inside a castle atop the hill—I checked that off already—a few of us hiked the castle walls (literally) and chilled upon them with a fantastic view of the city for awhile (photo included). The city of Salzburg is absolutely wonderful; the history is classic. The day began with a tour from a very…localized tour guide who was thorough yet concise. We then ate at the oldest restaurant in the WORLD—I don’t know how this could possibly be known for sure, but just go with it. I got expensive soup which was completely unenjoyable, but I was eating the oldest restaurant in the world. So it was worth it.

We are now in Dorfgastein. It is a fake city that doesn’t exist somewhere in the Alps. I think there’s a grocery store here. Ha, it is miniature! We're tired and are going to bed now; tomorrow is a hike, where the idea of snow is not so far away. Hope all is well fam. Chao.

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