Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Our last day in Dorfgastein was well spent. We arose sehr früh and commenced a “walk” up to a little house for a brunch. (The Austrians say “a little walk” about anything. It could literally be a few meters, or it could be a few miles. There’s no difference really.) No one had ever done this before, thus no one knew what we were in for.

The “walk” was pretty much straight uphill for over two hours. It was absolutely gorgeous; we hiked through forests (with signs bearing pictures of bears on them), across streams, near cows, everything. It was hardcore! We finally got to this adorable home and had some great food. Then we hiked down. Ha, funny that we hiked all the way up there for food… The descent took considerably less time. We then slept for a time, packed up, and trained it back to Vienna. So yes, there is a train out here, it’s not as inaccessible as I thought. I would recommend it for anyone anywhere anytime. It’s five fours from Wien.

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