Monday, September 22, 2008


Wooooow. Today= Melk-Kremz.

We took a bus early in the a.m. to Melk where we toured the world famous baroque monastery “Stift Melk.” It was lovely! Words and pictures don’t describe. So I won’t even try. My best part was when we walked into one of the twelve (?) Libraries full of thousands of thickly-bound books. It had two levels, and reminded me soo much of Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to break into song or just pull up a la-z-boy and take a book at random! The view of the town was unbelievable from windows and spacious balconies as well: rolling hills, the Donau, foggy skies… ah!

From here we boarded the bus a bit to a bike shop where we all got a bike (equipped with classic bells) and began the 20 mile ride to Krems. Family, you would not BELIEVE the gorgeous-ness! You think south fork is pretty? This was uuuuunreal. We rode alongside beautiful forests, through picturesque town squares, and near the Danube. We found a quaint “Eis” (ice cream) shop along the way and indulged in heavenly goodness. Oh and we toured ruins from castles. It was a bit of a hike through (what looked like) Mordor, but we came out alive. Take a look for yourself.

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