Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We eventually wound up at Hallstatt, the most BEAUTIFUL city in all the cosmos. Sincerely. Words, pictures, postcards, telegrams… nothing can ever do this place justice. Unreal mountains tower over this little city while the lake (where the Loch Ness certainly dwells) reflects the splendor. It is green and serene and picturesque beyond belief. It was rainy as we walked around this town in disbelief. I don’t know who lives there in real life, it was like a dream! Has anyone ever been there?

We went to a Salt Mine while in Halstatt. It was the best thing ever! It was super close to our hotel (seen as how the Alps are within arms reach) and after our short walk and a tram ride up (gorgeous view included) we were in the mountain. We got equipped in our awesome suits (see attached photos for proof of this transpiration) and began a pretty sweet tour going through the history of Pangea, and water level, and salt, and machine-men telling stories…we rode a few slides and a “roller coaster,” then reached the end. I tried to buy the soundtrack of the documentations but they haven’t thought to sell it quite yet. Ha, joke, it was horrendous.

We then took a hike through the Alps. (I can’t get over it that I’m just kickin it with the Alps!) It was five miles or so up to this euphoric waterfall—I have a thing for waterfalls. I took my shoes off and hiked up to a pool of water where one of the falls originated and the vista was unreal. Because I’d risked my life to get up there I’d spared my camera’s, thus I have no validity. It was absolutely unimaginable though.

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