Monday, September 15, 2008


We didn’t sleep in our spare time today.

Well, we slept in, but the jet lag still wakes me at four or five. Frau watches tv until then, so I can always hear it blasting and can’t get back to sleep. We went to Cindy’s flat for some explanation of a few classes, uploaded some minuten onto our phones, got lunch, walked around the city, and went to the Danube and rented a paddle boat. Not a rowing paddle boat, but the kind where you’re semi-cycling, yeah? It was a gorrrrgeous day for this. Windig (windy) but nice. I’ll post some pics. After this, we chilled about in first district until we met up with some of the group and headed off to a carnival place to celebrate Mirielle’s birthday (a girl in the group). We went on the world’s oldest Ferris wheel! It was legitimate and pretty high, and considering it 100 + years ago is quite substantial. I loved it.

Vienna is getting cold. Frau Alfons told us fall is upon us and that’s it’s the best time of the year. I am loving this. Vienna is incredibly diverse. The group is well-mixed as well; there are new freshman, non-BYU students, majors of all kinds…everyone is so interesting and fun. I’ve never used much public transportation because I’ve been blessed with generous parents and thus a car; using buses, trams, street cars, the Uban, is all very new. I am enjoying messing up and learning and getting acquainted with it all. It’s surprisingly efficient! My German is not so good. I get discouraged when I can understand zero percent of even simple conversations. It’s okay, though. Patience.

Tomorrow is stake conference. I’ve been anticipating my church situation. It should be quite interesting for me to understand 2% of my meetings. But I should remember the time at Rumbi when we discussed how the church and the spirit are the same—no matter what land or tongue. I hope everyone is well. Love you!

(Robyn, if you’re reading this, I had a dream about you last night. Yes, you were a car dealership owner, and you were totally awesome at it. I was your little key runner or something, and you were totally legitimate in your business suit. Can you say random?! Ha, I hope you’re doing well and feeling better!)

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William said...

You're killing me Smalls! Glad all's well. Sounds like so far so good. Keep up with the updates , and check out our emails! THX,W