Tuesday, September 9, 2008


After much air travel i have successfully and gratefully landed in Vienna. There are 34 students here, and I am loving getting to know them all. We're at a quaint little hotel (isn't everything here quaint? i love it) just basking in the reality of our dreams. We have a large room with vaulted ceilings, floral wall paper, and antique decor. There is even a skeleton key to the bureau with a T on it. It would make a lovely necklace... don't worry. We have a balcony and the door is open to let in the air flow and sounds from the street below. We're located betwixt 70 and 72 Lange Gasse; it's a busy little street with many shops. I wish I had a bit more energy to check it out! But no avail here--I am exhausted. Tonight we plan to dine around 19:30 when the rest of the crew gets here, and then craaaash. Morgen we are meeting our host family and possibly going to the Austro institute--where we'll be schooling.

It's already lovely, and I've seen .2 seconds of the city. The narrow roads, blumen shops (floral) and people on bikes with baskets just makes my heart happy--it's beautiful here! Can't wait to get settled.

Hope all is well at home! The time difference is gigantic--eight hours. Kurtis is just getting off to school. Hope your egg was good this morn, homie, Kristen is good to you to make it every a.m. Tell Dad hello, have a great day at work, and if you talk to the grandparentals ask them what statue to look for. Gramp mentioned something and I knew exactly what he was talking about but I forgot. Oh, I believe he said it was near the Opera house? Welllllll my school is right there, so ask him to remind me of the statue to take note of. Love you all family. Tschüss erstmal!

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