Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Today we had the opportunity to go to mass. Not only that, but we were fortunate enough to be here on the only Sunday of the year when there is a special Thanksgiving program. I had quite the time at this meeting. I couldn’t understand much…there were odd things happening, weird smells, kids in altar clothes running around with bread and incense... Afterwards there was a parade with traditional clothes and ornaments (guns), and then everyone lit up for a smoke. Ha, then there was a bit more to the meeting. I couldn’t help but think that these people were so sweet in their endeavors to show God that they care and are grateful for their blessings, yet being there made obvious the divinity of our church. It’s funny how things like that can strengthen your testimony. Spending the Sabbath in such a minute town was bliss. The weather was warm and we spent the day outside and I was enlightened by some James E. Talmage. I absolutely LOVE Dorfgastein. Has anyone been here?

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