Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It seems it is protocol for me to make friends with an animal in every country. not really, it just happens.

Do you see that miniature boat?

Me and Utah.

more animal friends.


Ljubljana and cute Alicia--who, by the way, just received her call to the Frankfurt Mission.

Hello familia!

Früh Freitag, Alica, Annalise, and I caught a train to Bled, Slovenia. I had previously asked you to check it out on Google Images, yes? May I just say, it was just as beautiful as those pictures? It was. But let's back up. After our six hour train time, we arrived in Ljubljana. The Slovenians use more consonants than vowels. Ha, that is pronounced Loo-bee-yah-nuh. We went first to a castle atop a hill for a splendid view (I’m coming to take this as a regular thing—can you say spoiled? Some of the vistas my eyeballs have beheld are one of a kind, and I am grateful). How random it was to run into Elders as we were exiting the castle. It is heartwarming to not only be able to actually converse with someone, but to share religious beliefs is the most astronomical feeling in a foreign land. We greeted each other like we were old friends, ha, and we had a nice conversation with them. I have this ever-increasing respect for missionaries, especially those in some of the places I’ve traveled to. I mean, Slovenia? Anyway, after that, we went into two cathedrals, first St. Nicholas’s, and second, Annunciation. They were interesting and a haven from the cold. We walked to their Parliament with hopeful expectations because the Parliament in Budapest was unreal. After being disappointed, we boarded the bus to Bled.

Bled was 100% unreal. My words do it no justice, so I’ll just post the pictures. We got in Friday night and walked around the black lake with a majestic view of this glowing castle literally towering above us. It was lit up and looked amazing as it stood so high in the sky. The next morning, we took a boat to the center island where there is a church and an exhibition of historical artifacts. It was really neat; there is a bell inside the church we were able to ring in remembrance of a certain faithful woman. After this, we saw another church—which was also lovely, and set out through the snow up to the castle. We met a group of Americans, and it was wonderful speaking with them. We sort of stuck together while in the castle, and it was just one of those little tastes of home. Not to mention that the Alps there look jusssssssst like Utah. We live in such a beautiful place! Funny that I traveled all the way to Slovenia to be reminiscing of home. Hmm. After this and some other nonsensical happenings, we boarded a bus, then a train, and wound up in snowy Wien.


Kelsea Lynn Park said...

first of all. this was posted at 626 am!!! haha and second of all. you are beautiful. third i love making friends with animals and you are so lucky because there is nothing like foreign furry friends. haha there is a literary term for that mr downs...all three words started with F.anyway. you are beautiful. i miss you dearly. you are the bomb.
post script: below this i have to do a word verification which is ridiculous and i wonder who first started that. but remember when you made me my facebook and we had to do that like thirty times? haha this one is a piece of cake compared to those. haha and there is a little handicap symbol next to it. doesnt that defeat the purpose? i should click it. take the easy way out.not that being handicapped is easy...ah...yikes. haha

Kelsea Lynn Park said...

AHHHH! that was not ok with me. dont ever press the little handicap symbol next to the word verification.......strange voices appeared and they would NOT GO AWAY...HAHAHAHA kind of creepy.