Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A few of us loving life near Tower Bridge.

Trafalgar Square baby.

View from the London Eyeball. One of Big Ben's corners is unlit...?

I took this picture and think it capture London city life quite well. Don't you think?

Glowing underground begging to be used.


View from Tower Bridge of the Thames.

We didn’t slow down one bit. Today, we went to a castle I unfortunately do not remember the name of. It was right next to the Thames and the entrée fee would’ve been horrendous had we not had those London Passes. There were some cool artifacts and facts from this castle; we didn’t stay for an extended period of time in our rush to see as much of the city as possible. From here we walked to both the London and Tower Bridges. Beautiful! We climbed up the tower for that lovely view. J After this we purchased some soup to warm our bones (believe it or not, it was cold and rainy in London) and hopped aboard a boat for a ride down Thames to Parliament. That was restful. Big Ben is glorrrrrious, especially in the twilight! After some perusing and picture-taking, Ali Floyd and I debated about the London Eyeball. Both of us had loved ones rant and rave about doing it; we decided the fifteen pounds was a temporary worry, and boarded. Thank you Mom and Dad! It was BEAUTIFUL. It was one of my best activities! After that, because of our London Pass, we had free admittance to an arcade and we swiftly rode bumper cars. Ha! Next we bussed over to Trafalgar Square and loved life there. I wish I knew more about the history of these places; Grandpa so many times I wished you were there to educate my brain. Love you. It was a great day!


William said...

Great London pics , Tonk! I'm wishing I was there right now. Cool place with more to see than you could visit in a month. Hope you ate some tasty fish and chips! Watch out for all the nudie art in the museums and galleries ! Yikes.

Anna said...

ahhh I am so jelouse I want to be there wow ok but I herd you saw cade there and wanted to know if you got pictures? I dont even know if that is leagal with missonary's but let me know k hun Love you lots oh and check out my blog ok. It's not anything to special but its fun