Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Awaiting check-in time, Bratislava.
Closer-up of the wind generators; imagine these wide open spaces!

Do you see all those windmills?

Underground houses?

Are you ready for some super lengthy entries? It should be mostly pictures if I’m concise with my wordage. Onward.

We took a bus to Bratislava (yes, Slovakia), then we flew to Dublin (yes, Ireland). We arrived semi-spät in the eve, so we checked into our hostel, grabbed some grub at a PUB (rhyme) (a pub! I know!). It was way sweet and the food was extra tasty. Note: Irish call tortillas “pancakes.”

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William said...

Hmm. I'm eating some "pancakes " right now . So if a tortilla is a pancake , what's a pancake called? All those giant propellers are part of the wave of the future. They have a strange , out of place feel to them , don't they!