Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11.4.08 Dublin

Our first day in Ireland. Emily, Michelle, and I purchased “ramblers” (we loved the name), which allowed us to get on any bus all day. So we rambled all day long! We first went to famosa Pheonix Park. It was largo and full of beauty. We made friends with Robert the duck near the lake (yes, a lake, it is a sufficiently large park). From here we decided to bus it up to the coast. We rode atop a large hill and hiked around a bit [in residential areas?]. We found our way to a spot which afforded us glorious pictures of a spectacular lighthouse and the vista across the water. We weren’t sure which body of water it was, anyone know? Pop quiz. My pictures don’t quite capture how expansive it was with the mist, just take my word that it was glorious. Our next activity was viewing a sweet castle—Malahide. Unfortunately, it closed early, but we did get some sweet photos. We literally had to walk through the woods to get there, and walking back in the darkness was creepster; we sang Sound of Music tunes and used the flash on our cameras to keep us sound. After this, we saw Bond! Who liked it?

Malahide Castle

Michelle and Emily feeding Robert.

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William said...

Exactly what does a duck "do" to be assigned the name "Robert"? Nice pics though. Looks like "Goonies".