Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Jean Valjean--i was loving him. This actor was incredibly gifted!



The cast list.

I know.

See this beautiful weather?


Hyde Park, lovely.

Hyde Park.

Ha, Buckingham.

Hard to see, sorry, but that's us, Windsor Castle, and some sun rays.

Windsor Castle, so awesome.

Pardon my scattered brain; our days in London were so full, I am honestly having a difficult time recounting the order of these transpirations.

Friday! We jumped aboard a train to Windsor castle, not knowing loads about it, and it was superb. What a place! We toured the grounds and interior with our audio guides and were thoroughly impressed. After this (everything was done at schnell speed I tell you, so schnell!), we went to Buckingham Palace, up the Wellington Arch, inside Apsley House, and continued into Hyde Park—which was gorgeous. The weather was cold, windy, rainy, normal London for the duration of our stay except for this brief moment at Hyde. It was so tranquil and I was grateful for the beauty. After this, we went to Camden Market, a suggested shopping square. It is a group of outdoor markets with fun merchandise and okay deals; we had a good time. We then continued to dine at a restaurant where I partook of my first Indian meal. I really enjoyed it, family! Will and Kristen, maybe you ordered a poor choice at Bombay House? Ha. Following that activity, we made our way to Queens Theatre for LES MIS. KRISTEN! IT WAS JUST AS GOOD AS YOU PROMISED! I had the time of my life! The cast was out of control with talent, the production itself is unbelievable, the music… AH. I fell in love with Jean Valjean--the actor was so talented and his expressions so real. I literally had moments where tears were just streaming freely. It was semi-pathetic how openly and frequently I cried. It is moving and just phenomenal. Thanks for the recommendation, Ma!

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William said...

O boy , you couldn't get out of London without the obligatory Harry Pot pic huh? When we were there it was I , the non Harry Pot-o-phile who discovered the 9 3/4 sign and made Kristen return to see it . Took one for the team there I guess. Glad you liked the Miserable. Aptly tiled , eh ? THX,W