Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11.8.08 Last Day

While we were in London, we stayed at a sweet place called Hootananny Hostel. Ha, it was ridiculous how off the chain this place was, seriously. It was in Brixton, which, I guess, is a shady part of town. A group of us told their cab driver we were staying there, and he asked if they had a gun with them. Ha. Despite that quite common reaction, we encountered no problems--quite the opposite, actually. Our hostel was the happening place—with a name like that, it ought to be! There was a pub and late-night dancing/partying, a restaurant with deeeelicious Thai food (I am officially addicted), and a whole bunch of crazy tenants. I think most of them were semi-permanent; we met a lot of interesting people, who were all surprisingly nice. We left our stuff out and about and we had no problems. I suppose some places and people just have more integrity than others. Hootananny. It was a good time.
Superb is right.


Chico the cat. A Hootananny permanent.

This is it. Our hostel! We had a great time here.

Yesss. This was on the stage--ha.

Our first activity on Saturday the 8th was making out way to the one, the only Platform 9 ¾. It was legitimately rad! I was loving it; it’s a pretty popular place believe it or not, Will. After some photographing there, we went to Saint Paul’s Cathedral and hiked up the dome for yet another splendid take of the city. The cloudy skyline was punctured with innumerable cranes; I have gotten used to construction following me around. It was super windy up there, and because London had recently acquired a new Mayor, there was a parade going on, for which I had a birds eye view. After this we went back to Camden, ran a few last minute errands, met back up at the hostel, and began our return journey home. We encountered a hazardous complication which almost made us miss our flight, but needless to say, we were blessed. :) That’s what temple time does for you. We made it to the airport (literally) in the nick of time; the machines to check-in on even said it was too late to check in, yet somehow the attendants let us continue. We had sprinted and were beyond grateful. Ha. We flew to Bratislava and bussed back to Vienna, then barely making the Ubahn before it shut down for the evening. Oh, has anyone ever boarded a plane through the actual stairs and not through an airport hallway thing (what’s that called?)? I bet everyone has.. I haven’t, so I loved it when I got to. I felt like the president or something. A boy left his wallet in Bratislava, and this is a bit more tragic than it sounds because last week he was ROBBED. So now he has no laptop, no ipod, no phone, no wallet, and therefore no money. Poor guy.

We are back in Vienna, we are alive, and we are well. I am beyond exhausted. These past days have been packed with Viennese happenings and deadlines, so today is my rest-day before Budapest. Will, Grandma Rella was telling me about our forefathers from Hungary. How sweet! Do you have any radical stories for me, maybe? Peace for now.

Out with the old, in with the new. I used this bad boy up, see that hole in the pocket? All the zippers were broken, and as I was conversing with my amigos about buying the brown one, the strap snapped off. I took that as my answer.

Outward view from St. Paul's.

I promise I don't always get eis all over my face, but this waffle topped with ice cream was melting quickly! who thinks to put ice cream on a waffle?! it was spectacular by the way.

Kaylynn, these boots reminded me of you.

Atop St. Paul's. I do love the wind.

Downward view from St. Paul's of the parade below--for the new mayor.

Little did I know it was illegal to take this picture...which makes it all the more valuable. This was attained after hundreds of stairs spiralling upward.

St. Paul's.

Platform 9 3/4! Just about to disappear through the wall to catch the Hogwarts Express...



goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......

William said...

Ya , Tonk , my great grandma , who I never met or knew was from Hungary . Her name was Elizabeth(?) Kish. Bella has a sewn picture that she started , but she died before she got to finish it. Nice illegal picture taking skill too, I might add! THX,W

March said...

i like your pictures!

Alison said...

i LOVE the picture with the cat. so adorable. you are so beautiful tawn! im loving that red shirt, and the green sweater deal, and the purple hat. lovin it all.