Monday, November 17, 2008


A nighttime shot.

Individual names carved out on these silver leaves.

A memorial at the Synagogue.

The façade of the Dohány Synagogue.

Inside Dohány, you can semi tell it is Oriental-ish.

Budapest is barely three hours from Wien by train. We somehow lucked out and stayed in a great hotel—note, hotel, not hoStel—where even towels were provided for us--what a simple luxury. We met up with our tour guide who basically wandered with us around the town showing us random things like, “Over dar ist Otel Astoria…” We did get the neat opportunity to enter Europe’s largest synagogue, and second largest in the world only to Cathedral of Sain John the Divine in New York. It was imposing and ornate, built like a Catholic cathedral except Oriental style. We subsequently walked around the chilly town for a glimpse of the blazing buildings across the Danube.


Kristen said...

It looks like there are golf balls on the cathedral chandeliers! I love the night photo too Tonk - you're quite the photographer! Love you! Mom

Kelli said...

Wow! Those pictures are truly breathtaking! You are so lucky to be experiencing such a beautiful place.

Mindi was asking about you yesterday at church. She wanted to show you her dress. She said, "Tawny will like my dress." We all love and miss you. Take care of yourself ;)

William said...

The "tree" is pretty cool . Also pretty amazing when you stop to think about what it represents... THX,W