Wednesday, May 20, 2009


--fire dancing world championship
--polynesian cultural center (pcc) day
--swap meet:

we managed to get some freeeee tickets to the world fire dancing competition; w-o-w.
see the video below for a taste of what is fire dancing classified as?

the champ...

after the championship we explored that marvelous stage-like performance arena. magical.

(stage? its ginormous and enshrouded by shrubbery!)

just a few splices of the night show...


ward day at the pcc= enrichment and joy.
canoe show: dancing on moving boats? what a genius cultural experience for all.
man, i loved this.

village presentations and what not

"That was a real fire, this is a real leg, and I am in real pain."

shaving coconuts like it aint no thang

lo siento: our hand-crafted leaf fish are kind of hard to see.

a gorgeous tahitian exhibiting pure talent

buses, suns, odd faces

fresh pineapple with an unknown hawaiian spice that everyone raves about.
it was tasty but, ow, it hurt my tongue after a time.

so we went to the swap meet in honolulu and look at the street to turn on!
i felt reminiscent of that one time i was in slovenia looking at
those mountains and thinking only one word:
here we are again, same idea.
no place like home!

our weekly sunday meal, except this time we moved out to the patio for the ocean vista. why didn't we think of that weeks ago?


Above are videos from the PCC.
The first is from the new zealand village; this was one of my favorites!
The second is from a fire dancing section of the night show. Hilarious.

Both of the above were a part of the night show--Tahiti section, I believe. Serious talent here.

Segments from the world championship fire dancing competition. BAM! How classy is this guy?


Kristin Louise said...

I love the PCC!! One of the best parts when we went to Hawaii. And the Samoan guy? Hilarious :)

Abigail said...

Tawny, This is so cool! I am so glad that you get to have such a great experience.

Aimee said...

Tdog. I look at this and just think, "she is sooo beautiful"

i miss you girl :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and videos Tonk!! I especially love the video where the 3 guys are playing in the fire, putting it out, throwing it etc! Whoot woo!