Monday, May 25, 2009

tight like unto a dish

Thank you to a young kyle grey for that.

Friday night i stole my own egg-mattress off my own bed, dragged it out to my own lawn chair on our patio, and set up my own camp for the night. 

I've been wanting to sleep out for... ever since I got here. I had my pillow, sheets, and blanket perfectly and precisely positioned, and I wrapped them closely around my curvature as my brain whizzed in fear about those gigantic cockroaches looming near, awaiting fresh loitering ground. But I was tightly taco-wrapped, and slept mostly roach free (i hope). It was a perfect night for this; a slight breeze, no clouds, shooting stars, an obvious milky way, and an early sunrise. I'm only telling you this because it was one of my highlights thus far. Apart from my ever-present roach trepidation, it was perfect. The waves lulled me to sleep and I wanted to take a picture for my much-neglected blog; but, alas, my securely wound body and tired brain relented. Ha. That explains this description. 

It's been a perfect weekend. I overuse the word perfect, but any and all other seemingly fitting words avail me; we'll stick with Perfect, capital P. For Mal's Twentieth and Jessica's GOLDEN Twenty-second birthdays, we treated ourselves to a weekend getaway to Waikiki. We beached, we ate, we slept, we laughed, we loved every moment of it! It ended nearly better than it began as Danielle (a sweet semi-roomy) had space in her car,  so we got a ride home--which is such a TREAT! Bussing takes forrrrrrrever here. Let's put it this way--what was a 2.5 hour bus ride from Laie to Waikiki was 53 minutes in the reverse direction. And it was a beeeeautiful route, so I took plenty of pictures for your enjoyment (and mine; I busied myself the entire Perfect car ride with different shots of normal Perfect beaches along this normal Kamehameha highway in normal Perfect Oahu. The habitual things, activities, and scenery here sometimes boggle my brain).


the gang

we had a fancy shmancy birthday dinner at cheesecake factory, oh joy. 
(And ps--random. I brought my sheets because I thought i'd be sleeping on the floor; when I found out a bed would be available for me, I didn't want to have brought my sheets for fashioned them into a dress. Ha ha ha.)
ahhhhh let the breeze-filled, windows-rolled-down CAR ride back home begin. :) best day.
And now, here are the shots collected from our journey back. Isn't the standard scenery here ridiculous?

way out yonder--china man's hat

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bulkleybunch said...

well little one, if you ever get attached to those gross cockroaches, i have a perfect solution! come visit me in my dungeon at ohs and we'll round up a couple to make you feel at home! i had a collection in an old 44 ounce cup for a while (all dead of course) anyhoo, this is my round-a-bout way of saying: come see me!! that is, whenever you come back and sit still for two seconds, geez woman, you are a traveling machine!!! love you lots and lots and lots and of course you are just as gorgeous as ever. wow! :)