Monday, May 25, 2009

haleiwa, shark's cove

Meet our instructor, Hank-probably. No, seriously, this is not a joke, he truly was The Man orienting us. Get ready. 
Thanks, Hank, or whatever your name was. 
(P.S. His beard was real. I asked.)

North Shore, baby.

windswept has always been a favorite word. now i know why.

we waited in THIS line...

for THIS, the famed Matusmoto shaved ice.
It was mosdef all it was talked up to be!

Okay, so I realize I post a lot of photos with food. I don't know why that is. I do, however, know that this--coconut fried ice cream--was to DIE for! Has anyone ever had such Thai delight before?


We spent our day today at Shark's Cove. What perfection for both snorkel- and scuba-ers, what with the mild waves, the warm depths, and the hoards of fish schools. Easily. Just normal Perfect stuff, like always.

t.m.a.i., right?
(t.d.f., right? ha)

And again, food. This is another widely-acclaimed dish Mallos and I were told we must sample whilst on Oahu: the Açai Bowl: all of my favorite essen components--smoothie, granola, fresh fruit. Give it a whirl (pun), I'm sure it wouldn't be terribly difficult to recreate. Just toss some açai dream in that frozen delight. For sure.


JULIE said...

Oh Tawny, your posts make me happy. Looks like you're having a terrific time!

mare said...

good posts lovely girl.

Ali said...

freakin ridiculous dude, tie DYE! i love it. i love you

Kelli said...

I have to agree with Julie. You are the cutest blogger. I love reading about all your wild adventures. You look so good too! Wow girl! Look how tan you are getting over there! Absolutely gorgeous! Loving the long hair too. It was fun chatting in Harmons the other day. Your mom is hysterical. I love her :) So what's next on your list? Are we going to get to see you at all before you head off on your next adventure? Stop by sometime when you are in town. I'm so sad I missed you ALL those times you came over with treats and cards, etc. You are so sweet. I owe you. Hope to see you soon!

..M.. said...

you two are such beautiful women!!!