Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 2 3 4 "get the deets"

Step one: Find him. 

Step Two: Boil.
Step Three: Separate.

Step four: eat. 
I am a barbarian.


Well, we bussed it up to Honolulu this weekend again and went to Pearl Harbor. There really are no words for it, so I'll just leave it at that. 

Mal exemplifying the reverence at the memorial. I dig this photo.

It was a fun week. We have absolutely no complaints. 


Today we snorkeled our back yard. It was pretty classy. We then went to the tippy of The Point and cliff jumped off to My Little Mermaid Rock; Aerial wasn't there. We proceeded to snorkel around, making Our entire Point mostly explored. Dreamtown.

Imagine going to the beach before dinner, grabbing your goggles just because they were there on the floor. You meet your friend and you both wade out into agua: moderate waves. You get out a reasonable distance, slip on your goggles, and spend a few minutes observing the panorama of sand, rocks, and whatever else... until you forget to inhale through your snorkel and swat uselessly through the air to get the attention of your comrade; for, there before you, levitating effortlessly...a sea turtle! Yeah, imagine if that was real, because it was for me. Mal and I followed it around for awhile, laughing at how normal it was for it to just be there. Mal even tried to grab ahold for a joyride. He eventually outswam us. That was the end of that transpiration, though the memory lives on. 

What a day. Oh, and I forgot to mention... it all began perfectly--courtesy of Hukilau Cafe--with coconut pancakes with coconut syrup. Ahhhhhh.

Now we're basking in our free time, giggling about its plenty.

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bulkleybunch said...

tawny baby! man i miss and love you! i think it's so dang great that you are getting to travel and see the world. i'm sure this has been amazing for you. hope you know i think about you often, and every time i do, i SMILE! i love you beautiful girl!