Monday, November 26, 2012

a little chuckle

Real quick, I just want to say something. I think we've already established the fact that I am a huge freaking advocate of avoidance. It's good and bad. I have been physically able to be a part of babylon and watch movies and stuff for awhile now, but i've been scared. so i've just avoided it.

but, this thanksgiving break, it was time to finally see harry potter. 

a few things. i've forgotten how much i LOVE harry potter. i have been semi indoctrinated by my dang english minor and the inevitable conversation about how terrid jk rowling is from all the bitter and forlorn amateur writers. i fancy her writing gosh dangit. i think she is a freaking genius. you make up an alternate world from everything down to the coinage why doncha. freak. i love her work. and i'll proclaim it until the day i die.

so that was fun. almost better than the movie, however, was the hilarious dialogue that happened. christensens....are sooo stinkin good at watching movies. oh yeah. we call out all the crap, all the hilariosity, all the unrealistic garbage, you name it. we spice things up. and it makes wonderful.  here are some quotes that i had to write down. enjoy. (i understand if you can't--inside jokes are never fun to try to get in on.) (and ps. this is for hp 7.2. yes. 7.1 was also great entertaining, but i wasn't conscious of all the hilarious remarks around me at that time.)

Why do they wear that garbage? Put it in hermiones endless bag of wisdom. 
Cheapest wreath on the block. You could've spent a bit more money mate. 
Chronicles of Narnpotilight
Harry looks like he got kicked in the face by another stripper
Make funny and ask questions. 
Oh yeah, Headmaster McGonagal, I remember now.
Isn't it obvious? In the room with all the other sacred hidden artifacts-where else would it be?
You'll learn to not set a curse that doesn't freakin kill you. Fag. 
Just give him some Bertie botts every flavor beans. He'll be alright. 
What the--Michael Myers?! Straight replica!
He wants to snog.
Twilight is supreme garbage. 
Lotta good wizards. Only a few good bad ones. 
Now he feels like a ba even though he just screwed himself without even realizing it. 
Kill that ugly aaa. 
Their red babies would be like the clumsiest most annoying ever. 
Let the pahtee begin. Take off my cartigan. 

This one's for real: "Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic." Thank you, Dumbledore.

and thank you, jk rowling, for creating such goodness. the books are endlessly better, but we can get such great entertainment value out of the movies. so thank you. we are all endebted to you.

and it was worth the wait by the way. yeah. duh.


Josie Pie said...

Dear Cousin,

I watched Harry Potter over the holidays too! We marathoned!

Kaylynn Zoe said...

I'm a little offended that none of those funny comments were mine...

...oh yeah..that's right. I was the one telling you to SHUT UP and WATCH the FREAKING MOVIE! ;)

PS: We still need to watch "pre-pubesent (spelling?) Harry." Thanks Kurtis.

Good times.
Let's snog.

"WOW! We're identical!"
"Bill, don't look at me, I'm 'ideous!' "