Sunday, January 20, 2013

an ode and a thanks. a mil.

this one goes out to my dearest darlingest sweetest friend of all time, sister kelsea lynn park...HILL. : )

I'd like to begin with all the lovely fots of our joyous shower for you. it was SUCH a joy to get a small number of your huge fan club to celebrate our friendship, your marriage, and happiness in general. i'll then share a few pics from your special day, and I'd then like to conclude with a simple ode mingled with thankyouness for you. 

read on.

the shower was SO fun and ridiculously wonderful to see everyone! the gig included...
kenz, laurie and mindy,
such cute girls.
sisters stenson and colbert. forget the first names--impossible.
guess who! "i love sunshine and bubbles and rainbows..."
ha ha. staisha stratton. she was the photographer. ya did real good mate.
we really do love you, kels!
and now for the questions:
(i'll include them at the end just in case ha ha)
in serious thought...
"what school would the sorting hat choose if professor mcgonagal put it upon dane's head?"
obviously. ravenclaw.
(put on an article of clothing!)
 keep it coming...
so cute!

<< dane:
favorite color--green
favorite animal--owl
favorite harry potter school--ravenclaw
favorite thing to snack on--hummus
favorite area in the mish--san diego 1st
what side do you part your hair--right
favorite place to shop--mountaneering store
dream job--astronaut, marine biologist (sea world) or dinosaur person
least favorite nickname--dane's a pain
favorite nickname--great dane
favorite place to climb?--provo canyon
snooze the alarm clock or no?--yes 3-6 times
favorite scripture?--dyc 88:67
favorite band/music?

how did you feel at her homecoming?--warm tinglies like when you feel the spirit
what are your favorite qualities about her?--spirituality, sense of humor, smile/laugh (so he always makes dumb joke to make her laugh)
how was your first date?--double with brigham to quarry
when did you know you loved her?--two weeks after started dating, like sunrise
when did you know you wanted to marry her?--in sd at temple, thinking about her and knew she was the girl of his dreams
where do you see yourself in ten years?--some place warm, even more in love than they are now (if that's possible), happy, active in the church, a kid or two..
anything you want to add to the recording?--i love you kelsea and i can't wait to see you when i do! >>
January 5, 2013
of course the weather was beautiful, stunning and fabulous. life's too good when in san diego! the day couldn't have been more perfect. it was flawless. 
after the celestial sealing (literally), we made our way to the beautiful outdoors to await your debut (what's it called? when you salir from the temple?). president and sister clayton said they needed to know, attend to the salvation of everyone in San Diego. When she said, "Brides always take soo long to come out of the temple and we probably need to head off..." I chuckled and said, "yeah, well kels is different than any bride you've ever before seen, known or heard of." you came out shortly after that exchange and proved the point: you are so SIMPLE. you are so focused on what really matters. you're direct and to the point. you put your dress on and you came out. i love that about you. i always have and always will. thank you for having your focus where it should be and for not sweating the dumb details that have no eternal consequence. (and besides, you're so gorgeous you need 0% time to ready yourself. obviously.)
privileged friends.

i think everyone that has interacted with you two at all has received a witness that the neverending fusion of your lives was supposed to happen. the sacred sealing ordinance uplifted all. the luncheon was a party. the reception was a celebration--exactly as it should be.
and now for my ode:

dearest darlingest kelsealynn.

there aren't words to adequately describe how grateful and happy for you i am. there are few people in the world that live and love as fully as you do. i've never met someone so good or so open as you. you welcome differences and invite change because you know that by expanding our minds and hearts, we become more like the Savior. you accept everyone and anyone and love unconditionally--because that's how your Master does it. we all know who you follow, and we are so grateful that you bring us closer to Him.

Kels, there is no soul on the planet that i have desired happiness for quite like i have for you. i've never had such a selfless, constant, and inspiring friend. i've never known what it feels like to love someone like my own sister and to want to be involved in every aspect of her life. but kels, you taught me! you taught me that we really ARE all brothers and sisters and that friendships and sacred ties are eternal! you helped me see how to face adversity with a smile and the future with faith. you've taught me how to pause, ponder, reflect, give thanks, note tm's, recognize our Father's hand in my life, see the good in the world and to be a rock for others. you have been a friend to me through thick and thin. i will never be able to thank you or repay you for that.

so now, when i see someone there for you who means what you mean to me and even more, i smile and thank Heavenly Father for His perfect plan for each of us. I thank Him for Dane in your life--this gentle, precious man who loves you perfectly and eternally just as you are, and I feel so thankful that you've been blessed with such a choice husband who will love you and treat you how you deserve to be treated as the elect daughter that you are. i know your relentless humility keeps you from recognizing any merit of yours for such a privilege, but the rest of the world sees it. you deserve all the happiness imaginable. 

and that it what i wish for you and Dane. a lifetime and an eternity of endless love, bliss and san diego sunshine. i know that you will go on to make yourselves a beautiful, perfect and successful life--because that's just how you are and that's just what you do...and now you've found your other half that is exactly the same way. i know that you'll go on to climb mountains and change the world one person at a time--because i'm one of those people. one of the many. 

i love you. thank you so much for being my friend, for being my hermana, for being my soul sister. i consider myself among the universe's most fortunate to have a friend like you. 
happy start to the happiest marriage the world has ever seen. happy beginning of an eternity of joy in the Lord's service and kingdom.
a huge thanks, a bear hug, and a lot of love,


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