Sunday, November 4, 2012

get out there

i'd enjoy showing you some photos from some of my recent adventures.
the earth is beautiful. 
so this one time my family went camping up in aspen grove. my uncles asked me if i wanted to go on a "hike" and i was like, hey yeah sure, why not? i thought it was strange when they said we were leaving at five in the morning, but whatever. so we started hiking and when we got the to grovey area above aspen i was like, "okay cool, that's good for me. we almost done?" ha ha, oooh no. turns out our "hike" was actually climbing a MOUNTAIN. over 12,000 feet of a mountain in fact. ha ha. i had been deceived, but we still conquered that mountain! 

so, on that exact day ten-ish years later, we hiked it again. it was a lovely "hike" up our local mountain. i was much more prepared--especially mentally--for the task at hand. and i was with some of the koolest kats around: trev, rob, meg, carts and erin. total blast.
(this picture is for you, whit. remember how you told me to take a picture of some mountain goats? ha.)
and this is where we live? unreal. if you've been upon know what i'm talking about.
until next year!
i then had the sweet sweet chance to go see my dear canadian cousins whom i love a whole lot and haven't seen for far too long. 
this is the vista from their balcony. absolutely stunning.
we went camping and fishing...
...and hiking around the finger lakes.  no big.
all of us. :)
jo the bear
carly the rabs
and clara the eeper'
(this was the best sunday nap er' cuddling with the largest cat on earth.)
"everybody loves him."
oh, there may or may not have been objects thrown at the black bear that was chillin right outside their house... 
I said it best, "We're very intelligent obviously throwing freakin apples." Ha ha.
then i hit up santa jorge with these clowns for a beautiful weekend of "paying to torture ourselves."
pam took this right outta the swim. ha ha. so happy! 
just before we drove home. st. george is so beautiful and it was a blast of a weekend! thanks k'n'colb! love you two!
then it was suddenly fall in utah valley and the leaves were changing around here. i love riding my bike up the canyon always, but there is something so humbling and stunning about provo canyon with those vibrant colors.
sun rays poking through...ah. gorgeous!
life's good. 
too good.

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