Friday, February 5, 2010

yo bro

Well well well. It's been aaaaages.
I've been meaning to post these good shots for quite some time now.
My bro got his call at the beginning of January.

so much excitement! bring out the pocket knife...

lookin good!

We're so dang proud of him!
Chile Santiago West Mission, March 24th.
He's so stoked, and we are all thrilled. :)


Ali & Scott said...

Tawny, I am so trilled for your brother. i love you and all of your enthusiasm.

Lauren Ricks said...

Ok I may or may not have just totally teared up reading this post and watching that movie!!!! what a stud!!!!! tell him congrats! boy is he in for a ADVENTURE! LOVE YOU TAWNY!

..M.. said...

thats so great!!! our little curtis is all grown up! hahah "I stink okay?" oh man. tell him congrats. love you!