Sunday, February 14, 2010


"soonish" has come.

I wanted to share one of my highlights from 2009, my thanksgiving trip to israel.
there really are no words, my friends. it was suuuuch a blessed opportunity that I will never ever ever in a million thousand years forget. i saw and felt things that were and are fundamental for my testimony and existence.

we woke up to this.
the sea of galilee.

this pic was for my eltern: it says somethin "tonkiona."

St Peter's fish...whole. pri-tty tasty!
fished straight out of the galilee.

armageddon valley

mount tabor.
This was my absolute favorite part of the week.
We sat on the hill, being refreshed by the warm wind, the vast armageddon valley vista, and the tingling spirit. Although some argue between Mount Tabor and Mount Hermon, a modern prophet of God--Spencer W Kimball--testified that Mount Tabor was the Mount of Transfiguration after he had a sacred, personal experience there. Despite all geographical evidence persuading otherwise, the powerful spirit sealed President Kimball's testimony in my heart in a beautiful moment that made me so incredibly grateful for personal revelation, the spirit, and Jesus Christ.

the mediterranean!

solid marble older than history itself.

a med vista.
i didn't even realize the mediterranean was so close. honestly. GORGEOUS.
(and i loooooooooooooooooooooved the wind factor always!)

masada. ancient palaces and fortifications on a 1300 foot rock plateau overlooking the dead sea.

the lowest place on earth... everything floats here!
the dead sea.
i was stoooked for a good long swim... but soon found that the buoyancy factor and acidity would not allow such hobbies.


temple mount.
there is such a vast history here--incredible!

the only exact place we are 100% sure He walked.
Thanks Colb, for remembering that tidbit from your nt class--how neat!

a stable.
(so different that our perception, no?)

2,000 year old olive trees.


ah! visits with dear Israelites!

the moon from their front door.

our wise guide, Daniel Rona.

the spirit was absolutely incredible.
we had time to sit and ponder in this sacred place--an unparalleled experience.

I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, for the life He lived and for the perfect example He is for us. I saw where He was born. I walked where He walked, talked, healed, preached, and taught. I went to Gethsemane and Golgotha, the places where He suffered inexplicable pains for us. I saw the tomb--it was empty. He suffered, died, and was resurrected so we can return to Him and God the Father. This is the testimony I leave--that He lives!
I recognize how blessed blessed blessed I am to know what I know. I am constantly buoyed by the eternal and complete gospel of Jesus Christ, saving grace and His all-encompassing atonement. The church is true, and I am so unbelievably grateful for it.
In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


Ali & Scott said...

girl- this looks amazing! ps, we changed our url- in case you want to follow our lives in the future! miss you love you

Paige Marie Tueller said...

thank you for sharing Tawny. :) What beautiful places you've visited!

kelseybeth said...

I loved looking at your pictures & reading about all the things you have done! I hope you and your family are doing so well- love ya girl!