Friday, February 5, 2010

long time comin-- pt 1

part one--the break:

the christmas holiday was all too much for me too take in. it came and went like spring in Utah. my biggest fear was that I would spend too much of my time falling asleep all over the place, or not getting anything done that I'd wanted to--being the sleep- and time-deprived student I am. I tried to make the most of it. I made a list of all the things I wanted to "machen" (do) and "lesen" (read) in my journal. I'll expound for you:

-klavier (piano) (i really did write these german words. ha. oh, how i miss it.)
-cut hair? slash think of nails? consider being feminine. (ha.)
-hp (harry potter. of courrrse)
-ashley sarg
(i've come to that. i've gotta put people on to-do lists so i make it happen. when and why did this happen?)

-ensign (still workin on finishin up my conf editish! yiiikes.)
-holy temple (by boyd k. familiar? ooooh!)
-neal a quotebook (given from kristen for masChrist. sooweet)
-true to the faith
-our herit
-marvelous w/w
-die bibel

i packed up a few bags and spent the week living and breathing at home. beautiful. how i love the home-y feel!
i spent the break doing all of the above things, and time was predictably incredibly sparse.
that's what the holidays do for you though, every moment is too short and too good.

most of my list-ish things aren't photographic or photograph-able... question mark. so here are just a few from the fun times with amigos.

oreoooo shake. i admit defeat.

pretend excitement.
so we played spoons.
with knives..
that were transparent...
can you see them?
ha. it was hard.
but i won!

when stef got out.
this is just moments after he was bragging about how he always won everything.
ha ha ha.

who took this action shot?

ha you can't even see the "spoons!"

me goin for the kill...
totally won.
kels was just a moment too late.

can you say: "SMEAL"?


Aimee said...

glad to be on your list. can we do yoasis again soon, please?

Ali said...

i love you