Friday, February 5, 2010

long time comin-- pt 2

part two--ano nuevo

jesse's dad totally hooked us up with a sweet room at a resort in pc (more commonly known as Parkh Cityyy for those of you who aren't familiar with such lingo. mosdef was that way once). we stayed in a classy room that jt himself (justin timberlake) had once used (or something). ha. we brought the new year in with style as we partied, swam, banged pots, pillow-fought, ate deliciousness, spilled veggies all over the floor (ahem. stef.), cried during My Sister's Keeper, slept peacefully in those fluffy beds, begged for syrup, played catch a phrase and just had a glorious time.

they provided robes...

and classy shampoo, conditioner, and bath salts.

i love this photo. sooo funny.

the master.
he placed everything strategically onto plates and into bowls, and cautiously poured our beverages into wine glasses.

i second this toast.

and that was that.

merry 2010, everybody.

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