Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the bon voyage

another christensen cruise came and went with great success.
props to will, for articulately planning and graciously sponsoring the whole shebang.
here are some fots for your enjoyment.
and mine.
probably more mine.
what beauty, no?

in no particular nor chronological order--the events of the week.
-scuba diving
-hearty eats
i'm done attempting to enumerate.
it was just a great vacation.

we became purse people. a phenomenon of sorts!

st. maarten. scuba duba.

when we ate like kings.

yet again.
i'm becoming so fond of these; maybe i'll make it a tradish to capture one with every venture.

st. thomas, u.s. virgin islands.

maagen's bay. got me, kurtis, the bay, and some clouds.
now there's a selfer.
(i'm horrible at them! ha! but really.)


good call kay and colb bringing the wii in your carry-on.
they are masterminds and wii extraordinaires.
(i was wasted and worked each race.)

sometimes i wish i was an aly williams cook or a kate panelley peterson so i could justify photos like this due to legitimate skills in the photography region.

first day. i guess i didn't get the memo to be ugly on purpose.

this picture is my family in a nutshell... and i LOVE it. kaylynn and i sat laughing at this for a solid five minutes the first time we saw it. please just be sure to look at will in the background.

hey look, there's our ship! there! in the background! just behind us! we're probably just standing on the water in dress and pair of heels...
i'm sure.
i'm not a fan of lame, tacky backgrounds like this. i mean, just pose me next to the railing and give me a REALISTIC background, maybe? we are in the middle of the ocean you know.
there's my two cents on that. i just think it looks freakin white trash.
(except we look pretty dang classy.)

i had to get in on this--the houses in the hills, enshrouded. so beautiful!

ha. kaylynn had had.... ahem, a less than enjoyable scuba experience.

good call, combining the nightly sorbet with his sprite.
our man and woman (waiter-friends) thought he was slightly crazy.

best times.

uber wind=my love.

the gals.

again, thanks will for the week in paradise.
thanks all, for the memories.


JULIE said...

You are the most stunning thing alive on this earth in that purple dress.

Stop it.

..M.. said...

what a fun trip!! i just love your familia. and YOU!!! hope all is well, darling :) xoxox

Kelli said...

Oh man! I laughed so hard at the ship picture (loved your comments! Too good!!) and the picture of Kaylynn flipping the bird. Haha! She is so funny! And you look Soooooo, SO cute in that picture too. I just love you!

bulkleybunch said...

gosh do you sit still ever?!?! i'm worn out just checking in on you!!! and your family looks amazing, more like friends than sibs- sooooo awesome to have relationships like that. your captions were hilarious and made me miss you even more! i love you!