Thursday, October 15, 2009

i prefer my milk ice cold.

As it is seemingly customary, I blog now with many a thing to say and show due to my blogging ineptness.

I thought Raintree would be mediocre at best, but I have been majorly surprised.I have the world's coolest roommates, greatest (and biggest) ward, and neatest bishop. It's nice being close to campus--I embrace this change. I have loved riding my bike to and from school. I don't have to leave 30-40 minutes early. I get great parking. I ride uphill to campus, becoming slightly breathless. I get to feel the wind all around me, and have my lungs filled that fresh fall feeling. Oh, how I have loved lately--getting pelted with orange, brown, or red leaves as ride there, back, or somewhere in between.

I am reminded that life is what I make it.

I loved Sunday night; I came home with both banana and honey whole wheat bread, makena with carrot cake, nicole with no-bake cookies, chelsea with pumpkin cupcakes, jeff (home teacher) with rice pudding, and Jesse/Sven with a crepe, some rice krispies and chocolate chip cookies. It's always a party around here.

I love being in the middle of everything, the diagonal? Agh!

I love our fridge. Why is it always so full? What is it so full of? What is that smell? Where the freak are my eggs? Why are they all cracked?! Oh yeah, because it's freezing in there--literally! no matter how much we adjust the temperature, my things are always icy. But i tell ya... the milk that goes in my bowl makes for cereal that has never tasted so good.

It doesn't feel like a huge transition. I am loving it. I am happy. I am grateful.

Mally Mal girl. Roomy.

Jesse set up the bookshelf--what a man.
Makena brought the pink tool kit--what a woman.

And here we are at our primero fhe gathering.
Shayna "Bell"
Mak dog

Hawaiian/Provonian roommates collided in Utah--
remember zell and marie?
quiet house dwellers?
ahhhh they are just the best.
i left a part of my heart in their palms
and in laie.


a VERRRRRRRY happy birthday to this wonderful woman!

three necklaces later, she stands, a freshly birthed twenty-year old.
what a beauty, no?
impeccable style, no?
i could stare all day.
(not in a weird way. ha. but seriously.)

after the after party celebration, her choice of fried ice cream and mario kart. N64. ya!

Kels, happy birthday.
I love you, and will love you to my dying day.
No, not even until then, the love will carry over in to the eternities because you are worth holding on to. Way worth it. You're the best, thanks for being such an inspiring, remarkable, incredible friend. I love you. Happy day!

As a Utahan and a Mormon, it would seem standard protocol for me to have attended at least one sesh of g-con. Alas, I am apparently the exception to that rule.

My cute Canadian cousins invited me the weekend of--best surprise ever! I drove up Sunday evening, slept at their luxurious suite with them, dined like Queens the next morning (Little America. Um, wow.), and enjoyed Sunday morning session on the balcony of the beautiful conference center.
It was a transpiration to remember. :)

Carly introduced me to Eggs Benedict, and Josie hand picked luscious red- and black-berries for me.
Gracias for the meal, ladies.

Ahhh such a stunning place!


I had the sweet sweet opportunity to see my Viennese American roommate wedded.
Melisser, many many congrats, lovely lady.

While there, I got to see...

...timeless treasure R&B--who happens to be Melisser's cousin.
(Picture this [pun]: Whilst in Österreich, I posted a photograph of a bunch of us on a bike-ride from Melk to Krems. Naturlich, I tagged those I was with, and, naturlich, people commented. Imagine my surprise when R&B wrote, "What the--Tawny, Melissa is my cousin!" Her kusine, my mitbewohnerin.) well as a bunch of blessed babes, aka wien kindreds.
What a time, love yous.
Can't wait for that reu, Covey.


AnnaE said...

Love you so much.

I found your blog on Dani's.

Jewel said...

WOW! Tawny! I stumbled upon your blog, and what do I find? Sheer amazingness and beauty, that's what! Hope you're doing well!

Kelsea said...

thank you ever so much tawn. best birthday ever. ill hold on to you just as tightly.. also not meant in an awkward way haha. loved that kitty... what happened to it?