Wednesday, September 23, 2009

π, i/w, sub0

remember this?
Thanksgiving 2008.

we decided it was the time to journey to the past and recreate thatfond Wien recollection whilst, in all actuality, subsisting in provo.
it was a success: August 17, 2009!
(except, of course, for this burnt pie crust; it was later used for a frisbee.
then jake ate it.
who likes burnt stuff? honestly.)

chao for now sister perry!
she's off to the motherland (russia) to convert many a million souls with her stunning testimony of the restored gospel. what a woman.


iron and wine.
honestly, one of the best concerts i've attended. maybe ever. but really.
he played the bon apetit of all his tunes; super chill, beautiful stuff--always.
minus the overcrowdation--an overall success.


loooovin some subzero.
good call!

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Kelli said...

Way cute apron! I need one!! And I didn't know you were friends with Haley! She dated my little bro. Matt before his mish. How is she doing anyway? Is she dating that boy she is laying on? Haha! I won't tell :)