Wednesday, September 23, 2009

for you

Dear Kelli,
the moment has since come and gone, buuuut...
back in july--the 16th to be exact--i was at a concert where john schmidt was, like me, a spectator (watching his son play in the show). he was involuntarily summoned and played a little jig for us. i thought of you; here is a token of love.
i took this photograph for youuuuu because ...
a) remember once upon a time when you posted that beeeeeautiful taylor swift song he did a rendition of?
b) remember how i LOVED it?
c) remember how i love you?
d) I was thinking of you as your triath approached.
so now, although, that has come and gone, i am freeeakin proud of you. what an accomplishment! you made a lofty goal for yourself, and you went for it. you killed it! i admire and respect you even more for your enthusiasm, zest, and endurance.
so here, long overdue, a post for you. :)
i love ya. i'm so happy about marko's success and your cutest cute family. you're a gem. keep being you and inspiring everyone around you to reach for greater heights. you're an inspiration to us all.

his cute daughter sang the words. it was adorable. :)

love, tawny

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Kelli said...

Ohhh! You are so sweet! What an honor to have my very own post on thee Miss Tawny's blog! You just made my day :) Thanks cutie!