Sunday, March 8, 2009

meg's 9th

What a treat!
I was able to take Meg shopping for her 9th birthday last week, and she was so adorable--quite the shopper! She was a thorough looker and stayed within her budget. She ended up with a pair of royal blue converses--so her--and a cute leggin/skirt combo. Great shopping girl! 

way into monopoly (they dominated)

lizzy's also got some photographic skills.. she took this!


grandpa glade :)

grandma judy :)

classy shades!



Shaharac said...

Yep - I'm officially a blog stalker - what can I say? Shame, oh no way, I'm just thinking I may have found another babysitter! Very cute pics, and the pics of the 'study abroad' are fabulous. Way to rub it all in.

Kelli said...

Look how cute you are!!! I haven't seen you in forever. Your hair is getting so long. I love it! Are you still coming to our ward? What's going on in your life? School? Boys? Dance? You are just adorable! I miss you. I substituted in our old class a couple weeks ago and it brought back a lot of fun memories of when we taught together. Good times ;)

I'm not due for another three weeks (the 30th). It can't come soon enough! But hopefully it will be sooner than later. Min's birthday is Friday so I just hope I'm not in the hospital that day so I can celebrate with her. I can't believe she's going to be 5!! Crazy!

Anyhow, I love reading your cute blog so keep posting so I know what you are up to girl! Love you ;)

mare said...

twas beyond beautiful to see you today. thanks for the inspiration! talking to you always leaves me feeling uplifted. hope the meeting with the counselor went well. i'm excited for your future you sound brilliant as ever, and you'll make it wherever you wanna be.