Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it happened.

I did it. I picked it up, and made minute progress; The Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees came through for me, much to my unyieliding surprise:

"What a remarkably deep and hidden capacity is the capacity to believe" (Crandall 2000:132).

Okay, so maybe it wasn't "progress" in an anthropologically correct manner, especially in essentially regurgitating facts of the Himba Imaginary World, but- that quote meant something to me.

What remarkably deep and hidden capacity is the capacity to believe. Pause. Stop, drop, and roll. Consider this.
...It is.
The gift, the ability, to believe is a capacity that can grant us unparalleled peace, hope, and understanding as we make our way through these prophesied and unsightly times.

I, for one, am grateful for the capacity to believe, and for what and where that "remarkably deep and hidden" capacity is piloting me towards.

I fancy, so much, when my seemingly temporal studies carry over into spiritual application.

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Kelsea said...

i agree. love finding truth everywhere.