Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.375 duly noted

I loved driving to school today, sunglasses on, windows rolled down. I loved laying on that scratchy grass, avoiding that blasted reading--go away Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees! Forevermore, leave me be, condense those chapters and simply describe Himba life in a coherent fashion. The sun was great though.

I did not love walking out of Harmon's--after collecting buttermilk for my rad brother's 18th Breakfast (proper noun) --having a few ruffians address me as "mamasita." about that...

I still loved the sun. 
Tomorrow's rays can't come soon enough; I'll take no jacket tomorrow--today it sat in my rucksack, collecting dust, atop the infamous Place of Stunted Ironwood Trees. yuhh.
Sleep sweet though, love that moon.
Next full one=April 9.


"I feel satisfied, like I had a great conversation with you, where you answered none of my questions, and left it for a few weeks of me wondering how you'd feel about my current life, feelings, and aspirations. Maybe you'd even leave me for a few months if you vacationed in Papua New Guinea.  Ha. Oh the laughs. Anyways, have a nice vacation if you are in New Guinea, and if not, I'll look forward to continuing this conversation in a few weeks when my envelope has traveled through countries into your hands, and yours likewise." 

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