Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vienna Philharmonic 12.1.2008

Pardon, slightly blurry Groβer Musik Vereinssaal. A stunning building.

Illegal photo! But only just so.

After the trio, before the Quintet.

A gal in the group somehow weaseled in and got us über cheapo tickets for the Philharmonic last night. I sat in on a Quintet, and was in paradismo. 100%. These men were incredibly skilled! I didn’t recognize any of the pieces they played, but I did recognize the tranquility I experienced sitting there basking in their talent. Grandma, I can see why your heart tugs towards classical music as it does; this was one of the higher points I’ve experienced musically in Wien. Who am I kidding, one of the higher? It was superlative no doubt!

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William said...

Too bad Granny Granny wasn't there to her these dudes. I'm sure I'd have been seated behind a pole somewhere.