Thursday, December 4, 2008


Kaylynn, if you're reading, this reminded me of our childhood years. How oft did we watch Land Before Time? Too many times to count. I smiled at those memories. Love you, Sista.

Terrible picture really, but this guy was larger than the room. He had to wave his body in order to fit. SO LONG!

Me and Venus! She's a small little one.

From Wikipedia: "Venus of Willendorf, also known as the Woman of Willendorf, is an 11.1 cm (4 3/8 inches) high statuette of a female figure estimated to have been created between 24,000 BCE – 22,000 BCE. It was discovered in 1908 by archaeologist Josef Szombathy at a paleolithic site near Willendorf, a village in Lower Austria near the city of Krems. It is carved from an oolitic limestone that is not local to the area, and tinted with red ochre.

Heinz Kröll (my wonderful Fine Arts teacher here) told us her voluptuous body is representative for fertility, and that a Shaman created this as a plea to to God's for a good harvest.
Imagine this bad boy swimming around. Yikes!

No words.

For you, Will.

A crab! Kristen you'd be loving this with that drawn butter!

Naturhistorisches Museum—one of my favorite museums of all time! Here are wide-ranging
collections thoroughly exhibited, including archaeological, anthropological, mineralogical, zoological, and geographical displays. There are casts of dinosaur skeletons, the world’s largest display of skulls illustrating the history of man, one of Europe’s most comprehensive collections of gems, prehistoric sculpture, Bronze Age items, and extinct birds and mammals. It was a zoo times one million basically. Not only was the entertainment to the maximum capacity, the architecture is mind boggling. It is built as the twin of the Kunsthistorisches Museum (the art history museum—this one housing the creations of man, whereas the Naturhistorisches houses the creations of God); they are long and palace-like; the interiors are stunning! I will surely miss the ornate décor in every-day buildings.


William said...

Wow, cool pix of the museum! I'd like to see that place myself !

Alison said...

no words! ha ha ha ha